Connenting the world to sevens fun Connenting the world to sevens fun

It's the unique mix of ingredients that makes
Hong Kong Sevens so special.
From the players to the fans, the stadium to the city, nothing comes close to
an action-packed weekend at the Sevens!

As Official Airline and Title Sponsor, we're
proud to
connect you to the fun of the
world's most exciting Sevens.

Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Sevens

7 - 9 April 2017

Hong Kong Stadium

Sevens Film Sevens Film

To spread the Sevens fun, we've taken the action to every corner
of our home, Hong Kong. Parkour, skateboarding, extreme skipping
and more, all feature in this nonstop celebration of rugby.
Keep an eye out for some rugby legends, Christian Cullen
and David Campese, who also make a surprise appearance.

  • Christian Cullen
    Hong Kong Sevens
    tournament record holder
  • David Campese
    Hong Kong Sevens
    three Cup titless holder
  • Christopher Bradley
  • Jason Siu
    Hong Kong BMX
  • Shinn Kawasaki
    Member of
    a HKFC team
  • Kwan Wing Tai
    Hong Kong Parkour

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Film opens on two Cathay Pacific flight attendants walking through the iconic streets of Hong Kong. One flight attendant rolls a rugby ball onto the ground. A skateboarder sweeps into frame and picks up the ball. He kick-flips the ball with his board and skates away with his friends. Cut to a parkour artist catching the rugby ball mid-air and jumping from rooftop to rooftop. He passes the ball to his friend who catches it and swiftly makes a 360-flip above a rugby legend’s (David Campese) head. We follow the ball and see a BMXer kicking the ball out of frame with his back wheel. The ball then lands in a park and catches the attention of a Tai Chi master. Cut back to the two flight attendants walking past a basketball court. One of them throws the ball into the court and the players start dribbling and finally score a basket with the rugby ball. A passerby rugby legend (Christian Cullen) picks up the ball and casually kicks it back into the court. Cut to see a flight attendant throwing the ball to a rope skipper in a crowded night street. We see the two flight attendants cheering as the skipper traps the ball between his legs and does handstand jumps. Cut back to the Tai Chi master, who has now incorporated the rugby ball into his sequence. Cut to quick shots of the parkour artist, BMXer and skippers doing various tricks with the rugby ball. Finally, we see a top-shot of a basketball player attempting a lay-up with a rugby ball but misses. Film ends with a top-shot of a red-sleeved hand placing the ball on a green field.

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